This is a small sample of some of the things

I create in my "spare time"


                 "Betsy Ross" crocheted pillow doll                

Tooth Fairy Pillow Dolls.  

Each doll has a small pocket on her dress where a tooth can be left for the *Tooth Fairy*

The pocket is about 2x2. Perfect for the new Gold dollar pieces.

At the moment I have these dolls in pink, light purple, medium blue {shown}

As well as peach and rasberry, all with white trim.

Can custom make any color, or color combination.


                    Indian Princess                                                               Indian Princess IV

                                                                                                      Ceremonial Wedding Dress


                                                                                Hand sewn beading on skirt, sleeve cuffs,

                             Indian Princess IV & Chief IV                                 head dress and moccasins


The Bride is carrying two strands of trading beads, a gift to her new husband.

The Groom is carrying a blanket, a gift to his new wife.

I can crochet just about anything..

I am working on bikinis at the moment, hoping to sell them, once I create a prototype I like.

Email me   if you have any questions, or would like something made.

My most precious creation of all..


                                          March 2000                                                Easter 2000  {Dress By GranMa}

June 2000

Graduation from Preschool {{YEA!!}}

And finally...

A very serious "dolled" up picture of me in 96'